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ETA: Jun-19

A new serial series begins with the monthly boy Ace “Super Keroro sergeant UC fierce battle! Keroro Robo Great Battle.”
As early as the first category of the new category “KERORO soul”, the leading role machine “Keroro Robo UC” appeared as a finished product action figure.
Keroro sergeant figure adopts soft material and reproduces in detail coloring.
Products that are full of playfulness, such as three-stage deformation and separation of flying saucers that Keroro sergeant boarding.

Three stage deformable gimmick
In the original, the aircraft mode is changed according to the situation of the game. Three-step deformation which is a feature as well as setting can be possible.
Deformed into three forms of ‘normal mode’ of silhouettes similar to Keroro Robo so far, ‘Ultra Cool mode’ which developed a characteristic single corner, a deadly ‘Dangerous Mode’ whose headbone changed and gaudy increased.
In the Dangerous mode, the knee part stretches and the total height becomes large.

Flying saucer gimmick
Flying saucers on which Sergeant Keroro boarded were separated and united.
Attach various equipment to the flying saucer and customize it for attack type and defense type.

Armed form
Beam rifles, missile pods, shields, beam cannons etc are attached, you can choose the form of fitting according to variations and poses.

Interlocking gimmick
Saber effect and vernier effect attached to ” THE ROBOT SPIRITS RX-78-2 Gundam ver. ANIME” (sold separately) are interlocked.

Gifts of pilot suit Keroro sergeant figures based on the original illustration of “Super Keroro Gunso UC Battle !! Keroro Robo Battle Battle” (body total height approx. 27 mm + rock form base)
※ The privilege item is not included in the item but it becomes another package item, it will end as soon as it is lost. Please note.

Set Contents
· Body
· Sergeant Keroro Figures
· Flying saucer
Beam rifle
· Missile pod × 2
· Beam cannon unit
· Small shield × 2
· Two universal joints

Stands at 17 cm tall (In Dangerous Mode)

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