Box Breaks

What Are Box Breaks?

The basic setup of a box break is that multiple people split the cost of the box in the break and then the cards are divided up amongst the people in the break. Ozzie Collectables holds box breaks of different types, such as;

Type Description
Randomised Cards are randomised into a single deck, and distributed to spots.
Randomised Teams Spots are randomly assigned a specific team (such as Hawthorn for AFL breaks) and receive all cards belonging to that team.

Box Breaks on Ozzie Collectables are live streamed and archived to the Ozzie Collectables YouTube channel, so customers around the country can watch the break happen live or later, and see what they have unboxed.

We unbox AFL, NRL, NBA, Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic: The Gathering cards.

All box breaks are conducted with breakers certified by Ozzie Collectables to be responsible and free of bias, as soon as all spots are sold.

Current box breaks can be seen by clicking "Box Breaks" under the Trading Card section of the sidebar.