Careers/Jobs at Ozzie

At Ozzie Collectables, we're always on the hunt for fresh new faces to join our team comprised of hard-working, dedicated, and impassioned individuals. As collectors ourselves, we believe that one of the most important aspects of running a successful collectables business is industry expertise. That's why we're looking to invite a few key select individuals to join our team and provide them with the opportunity to really shine in their area of expertise!
As we are predominantly an online business, the benefit of working with Ozzie is no matter how remotely located you may be you can still work from home with our team. Right now, we're looking for a few trading card experts interested in a casual ambassador role, whose job will revolve around purchasing graded singles and tending to a growing network within the trading card market. We are predominantly interested in experts with a passion for Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic the Gathering and sports trading cards with a background knowledge of buying and selling graded single trading cards.

In order to become a successful applicant, you must:

- Be enthusiastic
- Enjoy working in a team
- Have experience with collaborative work
- Possess a passion for pop culture in your required field

If all of this sounds like you and you're ready to turn your passion into a career, please reach out to our team at with a copy of your resume and some information about your background experience with trading cards.
We look forward to accepting your application!