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Adventure Presents - Tartarus Gate

Adventure Presents - Tartarus Gate

Rebellion Unplugged

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Written by Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor and published by Rebellion (2000AD, Judge Dredd) Tartarus Gate is a new experiment in roleplaying games – a full system, setting, pre-generated characters and adventure contained within a comic book-sized publication.

You’re an unpaid intern aboard the Obol Corporation’s interstellar cargo ship Charon. Most of the time, you’re kept in cold storage and awoken only to solve maintenance problems that the automatic systems can’t handle – but now you’ve all been woken up at once, and the ship’s AI sounds confused about what’s going on.  It’s imperative that you keep the ship moving smoothly towards Tartarus Gate (your future employment prospects depend on it) but with tormented digital ghosts possessing the bodies of other passengers and the intrusion of murderous dreamscapes undermining the stability of the lower levels, you’ve really got your work cut out for you.

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