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AK Interactive - 3 Gen Sets - High Pigmentation Set

AK Interactive - 3 Gen Sets - High Pigmentation Set

AK Interactive

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Barcode: 8435568342453

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This is a very special set including the new COLOR PUNCH.

The 3GEN paint line is extended with a new range of vibrant and energetic colors.

10 new references for a real explosion of highly pigmented colors.

They have been formulated with the idea of obtaining both nuances in shades, as well as making base tones and mid-tones much more vivid and intense.

The set also includes 4 intense colors from the classic 3GEN range.

The intensity not only lies in the pigments, saturation and shades, but also in the emotions they arouse.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the experience of a set of intense colors that complete your palette and redefine your ability to convey emotions.

Let the creative explosion begin!


This set contains:

  • AK11270 – Black Purple
  • AK11271 – King Purple
  • AK11272 – Dragon Blood
  • AK11273 – Cold Green
  • AK11274 – Greenskin Punch
  • AK11275 – Slime Green
  • AK11276 – Afro Shadow
  • AK11277 – Redskin Shadow
  • AK11278 – Beast Shadow
  • AK11279 – Sun Red
  • AK11091 – Carmine
  • AK11045 – Deep Yellow
  • AK11181 – Dark Blue
  • AK11096 – Wine Red
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