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AK Interactive - Light Brick & Dark Brick Dual Exo Set

AK Interactive - Light Brick & Dark Brick Dual Exo Set

AK Interactive

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Barcode: 8435568331723

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Dual Exo is a simplified color system and a paint range designed for sci-fi vehicles, gundams, mecha, robots etc. It is technically developed through an ultra-resistant aqueous acrylic copolymer to paint with maximum covering power and resistance. It is a self-leveling acrylic paint with a matte finish that facilitates weathering processes once the base coat has been applied. Its high-quality additives provide us with a multi-adherent capacity never seen before, as well as high durability. Its low viscosity makes it ideal for use with an airbrush, although it can also be used with a brush. DUAL EXO scenery colors are based on the same paint system but with a matte finish, and are designed to paint any type of scenery. 1. Perfect grip on any material. 2. Allows to apply any type of weathering thanks to its resistance. 3. Matte finish. Volume: 2 x 60ml

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