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AK Interactive Washes - Violet Wash 35ml

AK Interactive Washes - Violet Wash 35ml

AK Interactive

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Violet Wash especially suitable for light violet bases, brown tones, fantasy finishes and metallic parts.

Volume: 35 ml


Washing is the application of a diluted paint in an area, crevice, nook or contour to define and highlight that area.

Unlike a filter, the paint is more concentrated.

These techniques for defining models and figures are easier and more effective than thinned acrylic paints, especially on large surfaces, as they dry too quickly, can leave the dreaded rims and flow less in difficult areas due to the surface tension of the water.

AK’s Wargame range of washes is designed for fantasy and science fiction themed models, where the chromatic combinations make the difference on the gaming tables.

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