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Alpha Clash TCG - The Awakening Blister Pack

Alpha Clash TCG - The Awakening Blister Pack

Alpha Clash

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Alpha Clash is a superhero themed trading card game that immerses players into a superpowered card brawl. By combining both new and familiar mechanics, gameplay will feel smooth and refreshing for card players of all experience levels. Alpha Clash offers unique deck-building strategies by giving the flexibility to combine different variations of colors, contenders, affiliations, planets, and keyword names. "The Awakening" launches the Alpha Clash franchise and is the inaugural trading card game set. This game is tied to the Alpha Clash comic series, and upcoming novel series, and will continue to release new trading card sets alongside a thrilling story for years to come. This sleeved case comes with 144 boosters pakcs, each booster pack comes with 9 trading cards in each pack.
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