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Armada Elf Booster Fleet

Armada Elf Booster Fleet


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Armada Elf Booster Fleet

Over the millennia, elven ships have changed very little in their design and construction - a testament to the incredible seafaring knowledge possessed by the forebears of the Sea Kindreds. In the groves behind Therennia Adar, warship parts are painstakingly crafted beneath impossibly high forest canopies. Like organic beings in their own right, each elf ship is individually crafted, the artisans of Therennia Adar eschewing uniformity in favour of aesthetic beauty. And yet similarities exist in their tried-and-tested designs. The largest warships share distinguishing features such as hull shape and weapon complement, and all are topped with elegant parapets connected with arched bridges and even living glades of evergreens. Contents: 1x Drakon's Fury Miniature 1x Wave Dancer Miniature 2x Argus Squadrons miniatures Cards 3x Bases Please Note: Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required

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