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Armada Empire Of Dust Starter Fleet

Armada Empire Of Dust Starter Fleet


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Armada Empire Of Dust Starter Fleet

Raised from the depths by bale-eyed High Priests, the great war-barges of the Ahmunite Empire serve their unloving masters once more. Their hulls now built from the polished bones of the Mighty Dead, their crews silent, tireless, the warfleets of the Empire of Dust prepare to restore glory to Nehkesharr. Contains: 1x Resin War Galley 1x Resin Khopeshii 1x Resin Soul Hunter 3x Empire of Dust Ship Cards 5x Fleet Reference Cards 7x Empire of Dust Upgrade Tokens 3x MDF Bases Please Note: Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.

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