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Armada Trident Realm Booster Fleet

Armada Trident Realm Booster Fleet


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Armada Trident Realm Booster Fleet

Utilising its natural gifts, the giant Kyr-Angler is able to blind opponents, while the ensnaring nets of the Wrym-drawn sloops cause havoc amongst the enemy's crews. Supported by the reliable gun-turtles, a Trident Realm fleet is highly manoeuvrable and deadly in its home "turf". Contents: 6 Miniatures ? 1 Gun Turtle ? 1 Kyr-Angler Fish ? 2 Wyrm Drawn Squadrons (4 Small Ships) 2 MDF Bases (30x70mm) 2 MDF Bases (30x30mm) Ship Cards Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly are required.

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