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Ars Magica RPG - Fifth Edition - Rival Magic

Ars Magica RPG - Fifth Edition - Rival Magic

Ars Magica RPG

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Rival Magic at a Glance

  • Learn about the non-Order practitioners of magic with this Ars Magica sourcebook.
  • Dive into four magical traditions that exist outside the Order of Hermes…and sometimes challenge it.
  • Includes sample characters, Virtues and Flaws, new traditions, spells, and story seeds.

Challengers of Magical Power: More about Rival Magic

The four traditions detailed in Rival Magic do not belong to the Order of Hermes, and in some cases, they actively stand against the magi of the Order. Explore the magic of the Amazons, female warriors with a deep hatred of the Order. Dabble in politics with the advisors on the Augustan Brotherhood. Serve the jotun in the icy northern lands with the Muspelli. Or join the Sorcerors of Soqotra on their isolated island.

Learn alternative magical traditions…or stand against their practitioners. Extensive mechanics allow you to create player characters, adversaries, and allies. Learn the chanting magic of the Amazon warriors, the Virgilian rites of the Augustans, or the similar-but-different magic of the Soqotrans with this supplement.

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