Abyss - Board Game

by Asmodee
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Abyss - Board Game

Players 2-4
Durations: 45 minutes
Ages: 14+

Abyss is a development game, a combo-building game, and a set collection game in which players will attempt to take control of the various locations of the kingdom. This takes place on three levels: collect the Allies of your choice which will allow you to recruit Lords, who themselves will grant you access to the various Locations of the kingdom.

A first in the world of boardgaming: five different covers are offered for Abyss. Yellow Farmer, red Military, green Merchant, purple Mage, blue Squid, it’s your choice!
*Cover art variations are purely cosmetic. Game within remains the same.Contents : 71 small Exploration cards, 35 Lord cards, 20 places, 1 game board, 5 shells, 50 Pearls, 10 Key tokens, 20 Monster tokens, 1 Threat token and 1 rulebook.

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