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Attack on Titan 2023 Bundle - 4 POP! Vinyls

Attack on Titan 2023 Bundle - 4 POP! Vinyls


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Attack on Titan 2023 Bundle - 4 POP! Vinyls

ETA: 30 Sep 2023

Attack on Titan - Eren Jeager Pop! Vinyl
Attack on Titan - Sasha Braus Pop! Vinyl
Attack on Titan - Mikasa Ackerman Pop! Vinyl
Attack on Titan - Armin Arlert (1 in 6 chance of Chase) Pop! Vinyl

Embark on an epic journey into the thrilling world of Attack on Titan with the Attack on Titan 2023 Bundle, featuring four captivating POP! Vinyls of your favourite characters! Join Eren Jaeger as he courageously battles monstrous Titans to protect humanity's last bastion, along with Sasha Braus, the fearless food-loving soldier, and Mikasa Ackerman, the elite fighter with unmatched skills. Unravel the mysteries of the Titans alongside Armin Arlert, the strategic mastermind. Each intricately designed and highly detailed vinyl figure stands tall as a testament to the beloved anime series. Perfect for collectors and fans alike, this bundle immerses you in the gripping narrative of Attack on Titan, bringing the action-packed world right into your hands. Expand your collection and relive the excitement with this must-have bundle!

These items come in Pop Protectors free of charge to keep them safe in transit.

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