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Deep Sea Diving

Welcome to Cartagena, Colombia! The colonial houses in this historical town are a testimony to its colorful past. You, on the other hand, are more interested in old shipwrecks... More specifically, sunken Spanish galleons filled with gold! Time to embark on an oldfashioned underwater treasure hunt. What you didn’t anticipate, is that several of you have discovered the legends of these buried riches. To make matters worse, a Barracuda is prowling through the shipwrecks.

Goal of the game 

Explore the Shipwrecks, and be the first to return 8 Gold pieces to the vault on your boat, using your coin bag. Choose your movements carefully in order to avoid your opponents or to rob them of their coin bag. Chase the Barracuda away, or send it towards the other players.


44 cards, 2 dice, 36 gold pieces, 4 wooden pawns, 1 Barracuda meeple

A game that combines bluffing, luck and strategy

An immersive theme

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