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Beast Kingdom D Stage Minions Rocket Bike

Beast Kingdom D Stage Minions Rocket Bike

Beast Kingdom

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Beast Kingdom D Stage Minions Rocket Bike

Bello!!! The yellow army of little fun Minions are back with a new movie and a new take on their long-term friendship with the soon to be supervillain Gru! Chronicling the first meeting between the Minions and Gru, we see the unlikely friendship blossom between the young boy with big plans and the craziest bunch of little, fun solders the animated movie world has ever seen!

The 12 year old Grus dream of joining the The Vicious 6 supervillain group starts to become reality as soon as the team of Minions led by Kevin, Stuart and Bob join the fray! What kind of zany antics will the new team get up to?

Fans of the Minions can relive the new The Rise Of Gru animated movie from Illumination by taking home the new collection of D-Stage Staging Your Dreams dioramas from Beast Kingdom. Join the Entertainment Studio with the release of two detailed designs bringing the fun world of the new movie to three dimensional life.

The Rocket Bike diorama sees the Minions trio as well as Gru racing down the street on the chopper style motorbike. Wind in Grus face and Minions hanging for dear life, the detailed set looks as though it is about to take off!

In the Kung Fu scene, the three Minions are facing the deadliest opponent yet as they begin their training! Wondering why the punching dummy isnt fighting back, the Minions still pull out all their punches for a full on attack!!

Material: ABS, PVC

Product Measurements: 6inch / 15-16 cm

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