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Beast Kingdom D Stage Wall-E Eve

Beast Kingdom D Stage Wall-E Eve

Beast Kingdom

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Beast Kingdom D Stage Wall-E Eve

The story of Wall-E starts off with a ravaged Earth in the year 2805. With humanity long gone, the planet is full of waste and garbage. A fleet of cleaning robots scourge the large amount of leftover waste, cleaning and reorganizing the trash until the latest generation droid EVE (Extra Terrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) lands on Earth on a probing mission. Initially hostile, EVE eventually strikes a warm and loving friendship with one cleaning robot Wall-E, creating the start to fantastic journey for the two!

Best Kingdom, under the Stage Your Dreams D-Stage collection, proudly presents a pair of 360 degree dioramas that encapsulates the caring friendship between two generations of robots and bringing to life the two main characters from the classic Pixar animation. Sitting on top of a trash hill, the D-Stage 074 Wall-E is seen looking to the stars where he hopes to one day go, carrying his one small pot plant and toolbox, whilst the D-Stage-073 EVE curiously observes him. Manufactured with highest techniques, each of the dioramas carefully depicts the fun characters in great detail. Connect both dioramas to each other and the bases form to create the classic scene from the animation. Make sure to buy both and take home a little robot magic today!

Material: ABS, PVC

Product Measurements: 6inch = 12.9-14.1 cm

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