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Beast Kingdom Egg Attack Ultraman Z Coin Monster Kanegon

Beast Kingdom Egg Attack Ultraman Z Coin Monster Kanegon

Beast Kingdom

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Beast Kingdom Egg Attack Ultraman Z Coin Monster Kanegon

Hunger for eating comes in many forms, and with Ultramans Kanegon the world was introduced to the first Kaiju with a taste for eating shiny coins! His catfish-like appearance and dazed but determined persona quickly gained fans the world over when he was first introduced in series 13 of the Ultraman TV show.

Beast Kingdoms Entertainment Experience Brand is ready to showcase what it means to be a real coin monster with the release of the EA-042 Ultraman Z Coin monster Kanegon! Be ready to own your very own coin eating statue with a piggy-bank function to recreate the real money-eating essence!

Every detail from the huge zipper-like mouth, to the oversized and luminous body has been brought to life with great detail. A host of accessories are also included such as the vacuum cleaner, magnets and more, all directly taken from the TV show. A branded base with the original Japanese name completes the set and gives fans a perfect way to display the hungry, yet adorable creature. This is a statue not to be missed for fans, so order yours from an official outlet today!

Special Features: The celebrated Kanegon coin monster from the 13th series of Ultraman TV series! Deposit real coins in Kanegons mouth to recreate the Kaijus famous thirst for coins! Accessories: Vacuum cleaner, magnet, Z Storage box, heros coin!

Product Measurements: Approx. 17cm height

Material: Vinyl, PVC

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