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Beast Kingdom Mini Egg Attack Frozen 2 Nokk

Beast Kingdom Mini Egg Attack Frozen 2 Nokk

Beast Kingdom

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Beast Kingdom Mini Egg Attack Frozen 2 Nokk

The long-awaited Mini Egg Attack line of Frozen 2 characters loved by all fans! 2013 marked the year that Frozen took the hearts of Disney fans the world alike. The famous song Let It Go became an instant hit and is still a cultural phenomenon all these years later. Now after nearly 6 years, Frozen 2 is back to create a set of new magical stories that are sure to become hits in their own right. This time Elsa faces new challenges and meets new protagonists in an Autumn set world of leaves and wind! She is joined by Anna that accompanies her on the biggest journey yet!

The Mini Egg Attack ranges of miniature figurines encapsulate all the fun and wonder of Disneys Frozen world with the stylized Egg Attack design made famous by the world entertainment company; Beast Kingdom. In addition to the two main characters, Elsa and Anna, the new fire spirit, the Nokk, as well as returning characters all make the collection a must have for fans. So, make sure to collect all six in the series and take home the wonder of Frozen 2's magical world today!

  • A new water-based spirit (Nokk)
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