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Best Game Ever Player Notebook

Best Game Ever Player Notebook

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Two fantastic tools to use alongside Your Best Game Ever, making it even easier to put the tools and techniques from that book to use at your gaming table. These notebooks are system- and setting-agnostic so–just like with Your Best Game Ever–they can be used for every game you play or run. The Player Notebook provides room to keep track of character background information along with notes about NPCs, important places, and other campaign info. It’s even be set up to handle multiple characters in multiple campaigns. The GM Notebook provides space to record all the pertinent details about the setting, with notes on the PCs, NPCs, and creatures, as well as adventures that the GM plans, maps they draw, and so on. New GMs and old hands alike will appreciate how the notebook guides them through the worldbuilding and adventure-building process. Both notebooks are spiral bound for ease of use, are 100 pages, and look beautiful on the table. ♦ Terrific upsell alongside Your Best Game Ever. ♦ Helps players and GMs make the most of that book, tying in directly to the advice and tips it gives. ♦ System-neutral; appeals to players of the biggest-brand RPGs, indie games, and everything in between. ♦ RPGs are on a big upswing, and RPG players are looking for ways to make their games as epic and fun as Critical Role and other streaming successes.
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