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Black Clover 2023 Bundle - 4 POP! Vinyls

Black Clover 2023 Bundle - 4 POP! Vinyls


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Black Clover 2023 Bundle - 4 POP! Vinyls

ETA: 30 Sep 2023

Black Clover - Yuno (Spirit of Zephyr) Pop! Vinyl
Black Clover - Noelle (Valkyrie Armor) Pop! Vinyl
Black Clover - Black Asta Pop! Vinyl
Black Clover - Yami Pop! Vinyl

Unleash the boundless magic and embark on a spellbinding adventure with the Black Clover 2023 Bundle, presenting four enchanting POP! Vinyls showcasing your favourite characters! Embrace the power of the wind with Yuno (Spirit of Zephyr) as he soars to new heights, and witness Noelle (Valkyrie Armor) wield her majestic abilities as the valiant Valkyrie. Embody the darkness and strength of Black Asta, his anti-magic abilities a force to be reckoned with. Lead the charge with Yami, the enigmatic captain of the Black Bulls, whose katana skills are legendary. Each exquisitely crafted vinyl figure captures the essence of the beloved anime series, immersing you in the captivating world of magic and camaraderie. Whether you're an avid collector or an ardent fan, this bundle ignites the magic within, making it a prized addition to your collection and an emblem of your love for Black Clover!

These items come in Pop Protectors free of charge to keep them safe in transit.

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