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Black Void RPG - Under Nebulous Skies

Black Void RPG - Under Nebulous Skies

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UNDER NEBULOUS SKIES is packed with new setting material, character options, powers, equipment, Void vessels, and the first opus of the grand campaign trilogy.

The book’s 320+ pages are bursting with beautiful art, new creatures, original sentient species, gorgeous maps, intriguing NPC’s and much, much more.

Reconciling the fractured and clashing human factions of Llyhn could bring benefit to all, but playing them out against each other to gain advantage might be the only viable option to survive and uncover the aspirations of an obscure entity with its gaze fixed firmly on the descendants of Earth…


  • The Travelogue section takes a deep-dive into the Kimah and Dhaarese districts, where more than 30 new locations, multiple notable people, gangs, and factions provide Arbiters with even more options for exploring the Eternal City.
  • The new Player’s options include new Flaws and Talents, exciting halfblood backgrounds, enticing Void sphere options, new skills and much more giving players a wider selection for character individualization than ever before.
  • The equipment section details new exotic weapons, esoteric commodities, peculiar substances, as well as details for acquiring and constructing Void vessels.
  • In this, the first opus of the Grand campaign, a desperate cry for help from an unfamiliar human settlement, leads the protagonists deep into the underworld of Kimah, amongst nefarious gangs crushing or enslaving anyone getting in their way. In gloomy warrens, amid thugs and thieves, the protagonists discover that the conspiracies go much deeper, and they find themselves in a pursuit leading them far from home.
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