BRAINBOX - Christmas

by The Green Board Game Co.
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BRAINBOX Christmas
ETA: Sept18


Begin your countdown to Christmas with this festive BrainBox.

Designed for parents to play with their children in the exciting lead-up to Christmas, this special BrainBox is a game, a decoration and an Advent calendar in one. Starting on the first of December, take the top card each day, read the caption and study the picture. When you think you have taken in all the details, turn the card over and see if you can answer the four questions on the back. Then use one of the pegs provided to hang the card on the string. Add a further card each day until Christmas Eve, when the final card will complete your calendar.

From Advent to angels, robins to reindeer, snowmen to stockings and parties to presents, this BrainBox is the perfect Christmas treat.

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