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Call to Adventure: Custom Card Sleeves

Call to Adventure: Custom Card Sleeves

Call to Adventure


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erfectly sized to fit your Call to Adventure cards, these high quality custom card sleeves replicate the card backs from the game. Each pack contains enough sleeves to sleeve one base game.

Pack includes:

  • 21 Origin Sleeves

  • 21 Motivation Sleeves

  • 21 Destiny Sleeves

  • 46 Act 1 Sleeves

  • 46 Act 2 Sleeves

  • 46 Act 3 Sleeves

  • 33 Hero Sleeves

  • 33 Antihero Sleeves

  • 14 Adversary Quest Sleeves

NOTE: These sleeves were designed for the original Call To Adventure. While they are also compatible with The Stormlight Archive®, the Adversary Quest sleeves are not Tarot-sized. When sleeving the Stormlight set, we recommend using Act III sleeves for Odium and the four Adversary Quests. The poker-sized Adversary Quest sleeves are perfect for sleeving up Odium’s special deck of Antihero cards.

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