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Cat vs Pickles - 4" Bean Plush Assortment #13 (1Pc)

Cat vs Pickles - 4" Bean Plush Assortment #13 (1Pc)


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"Cat vs Pickles 4" Bean Plush Assortment #13" is a product line of collectible bean bag plush toys produced by Cepia LLC. The toys are designed to look like cute cats and pickles, and they are about 4 inches in size.

Assortment #13 includes a variety of different characters, with each one having its own unique name and personality. The toys are made of soft plush material and are filled with beans to make them squishy and fun to play with. They are small and portable, making them great for on-the-go play or as a cute addition to any collection.

The "Cat vs Pickles" toys are popular with children and adults alike and are often used as decorative items or as stress-relief toys. They are part of a larger collection of characters that can be collected and traded.

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