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CatDog - CatDog 8" Statue

CatDog - CatDog 8" Statue

Ikon Collectables

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CatDog - CatDog 8" Statue

ETA: 31 January 2024

Standing at 8 inches in height, this statue pays homage to the beloved animated cartoon character CatDog. Skillfully crafted, it captures the iconic fusion of feline and canine that defines this unique character. CatDog's quirky charm is expertly preserved in every detail, from the expressive facial features to the intertwined, playful postures of the two halves. The vibrant colours and meticulously painted accents bring the character to life, evoking fond memories of the animated series. This 8-inch tall CatDog statue serves as a delightful nostalgia piece for fans of the show, a conversation starter, or a whimsical addition to any collector's shelf, showcasing the enduring appeal of this iconic cartoon duo.

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