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Chronicle Cards - Brushes - Kolinsky Sable Brush Set

Chronicle Cards - Brushes - Kolinsky Sable Brush Set

Ozzie Collectables

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ETA: 2023-08-28 00:00:00

Let our sable get your minis to the table with a new range of premium brushes: • 8 brushes sized 0 to 7 (2x0, 2x1, 2x2, 3, 7), with each brush sized and named after creatures of myth. • Responsibly sourced Kolinsky Sable fiber in accordance with CITES provisions provides outstanding quality and longevity. • Rounded ebony tone handle and brass ferrule for best ergonomics.

With exemplary input from some of the most distinguished painters within our community, we have blended exceptional production quality, the finest Kolinsky Sable, and an ergonomic design to create an experience that combines style, comfort and practicality in equal measure.

Each brush is carefully crafted to ensure that you receive the very highest quality tools available. Once only the finest Kolinsky Sable fibers are selected, they are contained within a black electroplated ferrule matched to a polished ebony tone handle and finished with gold lettering.

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