World War II - 400 piece T34/85 M 1944 Soviet Tank

by Cobi

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World War II - 400 piece T34/85 M 1944 Soviet Tank

The T34/85 was a Soviet medium tank in production between 1944 and 1957. There were about 80,000 produced during that time. It was equipped with a cannon of a greater firepower than its predecessor, the T35/76. The diesel engine powered two rear wheels. These tanks were in service in 30 different armies including Russia, Poland, Hungary and Vietnam. In some countries they serve even today (ex. in Yemen).

This historically accurate block model of the tank has a rotating turret, a barrel that moves up and down, 2 operable trap door and bonnet. Additionally, there is a shovel, revolver, headset and a machine gun.

400 blocks
4 figures - polish foot-slogger and a tank commander
Block replica of weapon - self-loading rifle SVT-40
Bodywork with pad printing
Easy to follow instruction manual
Compatible with other leading brands of construction blocks
Model dimensions: 270mm x 120mm x 120mm (length x width x height)

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