Small Army - 500 piece Panzer IV Ausf.F1/G/H

by Cobi
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Small Army - 500 piece Panzer IV Ausf.F1/G/H

The Panzerkampfwagen IV (F1/G/H) was a German medium tank used during World War II. The basic difference in the F1 version in relation to former versions, was its heavier armor. In version G, the muzzle brake was changed from a single-chamber to a two-chamber. Two observational gaps were eliminated and the shape of the trap door for driver and the telegraphist were changed. In version H, the location of the gearbox was changed resulting in a lower speed but better torque. It was also heavier as it grew from 18 to 25 tons. In vehicles produced after June 1943, the vision ports located on the hull side were eliminated, as the skirts obstructed their view.

The new construction block set from COBI allows for any of the three versions (F1/G/H) to be built. It has an operable bonnet, a place for the observer with vision port, interchangeable barrels, turning turret and a cannon that moves up and down.

500 blocks

2 figures: German soldier and German tank commander

Accessories: binoculars, key, spade, gun

A block replica weapon: MP40, Mauser k98

Bodywork with pad printing

Easy-to-follow instruction manual

Compatible with other brands of construction blocks

Model dimensions (length x width x height): 235mm x 130mm x 110mm

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