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Conan RPG Story Cards

Conan RPG Story Cards

Conan RPG

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The Hyborian Age world Conan inhabits is rife with stories. This deck is a useful and exciting resource for Conan gamemasters. Its cards will help you to craft your own stories with unique plot elements, challenges, environments, and plot twists with ease! Plot ahead or randomly take the story into a fresh new directions, depending on your gamemastering style. Surprise your players, and yourself!

  • A total of 54 full colour cards including an instructions card, a range of cards showing hooks, plot fulfilment, goals, obstacles, and twists.
  • 13 Plot Hook cards to draw your players’ attention and to take your story in a new direction. 10 Plot Fulfilment cards to add exciting new elements to your plot.
  • 10 Goal cards to motivate your player characters. 10 Obstacle cards to make your player character’s lives more difficult. And finally, 10 Plot Twists cards to bring out the unexpected!
  • Packaged in a tuckbox that makes for easy carrying to your gaming table.
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