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Crimes & Capers - Lady Leona's Last Wishes

Crimes & Capers - Lady Leona's Last Wishes

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Reimagine the Murder Mystery Party.

Who gets the fortune? It's 1919 at the Langford Estate. Lady Leona has died and absolutely no one is sad about it. She was forever threatening to write people out of her will. Now that she is finally gone, her closest family and favoured servants have gathered for the reading of her will. But Leona always loved two things: Puzzles and Making Life Difficult. 

Crimes & Capers: Lady Leona's Last Wishes is a cooperative game where you and a group of friends will take on roles of polished high society folks and hand working servants who need to collaborate to solve the mystery and find Leona's treasure. No special skills or prior knowledge are required. Read the notes, figure out puzzles, and unlock the answers to find out where Leona hid her fortune!


  • Unique gameplay and approachable style makes it appealing for all players. 
  • No special skills or prior knowledge are required!
  • Combines the beloved classic of murder mystery parties with on-trend escape room style puzzling. 
  • Cooperative Play- No reveal where a player discovers they are the evil doer.
  • Game works for people who want to dress up and role play and for people who have no interest in acting. 
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