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Critical Role: Shademother Boxed Miniature

Critical Role: Shademother Boxed Miniature

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Evolve your Critical Role-inspired tabletop game with the Critical Role Shademother Boxed Miniature! Sculpted with terrifyingly detailed features and using premium paints, the Shademother is sure to turn a few stomachs, let alone a few heads. With bits of Brumestone haphazardly embedded in their flesh, granting her flight, this hovering horror is the perfect addition to your collection, whether you're looking to surprise your players with a grotesque villain or a disturbing ally. 

Sculpted by WizKids for Bells Hells' encounter, the Shademother miniature marks the first in a brand new line of miniatures designed for use during Critical Role's games, now ready to add to your collection.  

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