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Critter Cards

Critter Cards

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Welcome to the Realm

Open the door and step into the world of Critter Cards! Join one of the Critter Clans and challenge your friends to a game of wits and focus.

Critter Cards is a 2-player card game for players 3 and up that takes about 15 minutes to play. In Critter Cards, you will join one of the Critter Clans: The Gnomes or The Merfolk.

The goal is to have more cards in your Loot Pile than your opponent by the end of the game. To win Loot, play one of your Critters against one of their Critters. The Critter with the highest Wisdom wins! The game continues until all Critters have been played.

For more advanced players, Critter Cards features scaling difficulties, optional trick cards called Spells and “Hero” cards to bring more complexity to the game. Heroes are human adventures that assist the Critter Clans and can be used with any deck. Each player gets 1 Hero and 6 spell cards.

Critter Cards is educational. Players will learn:

  • Basic math concepts through repetition of game play.
  • Resource management by managing the different cards in their hands and decks.
  • Counting by using the cards visual aids.
  • Patience by learning and developing different game strategies
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