Adventure Time - Card Wars Doubles Tournament Game

by Cryptozoic Entertainment

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Adventure Time - Card Wars Doubles Tournament Game

Commence Maximum Flooping!
The game you know and love has just doubled on the fun! Grab a partner and do-si-do your way to victory as a team of two players. Play as Jake (Cornfield/NiceLands) & Charlie (Blue Plains/NiceLands) vs. Grand Prix (SandyLands/IcyLands) & Moniker (Useless Swamps/IceLands).
All-new cards, all-new original art, with all-new team-rrifuc effects! Each player has their own deck and will sit in between two opponents, while across from their partner. Two of your landscapes veer left, while the other two point right. Each team has 40 Hit Points. The first team to drop their opponents to 0 wins the game.
The rules are the same as the 1v1 game, but now you've got to keep an eye on two opponents at once and help out your partner if they are getting pummeled.

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