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Cypher System Claim the Sky

Cypher System Claim the Sky

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When menace looms, the best among us don’t flee danger—they face it. With might and powers beyond that of mere mortals, they stand before the forces of injustice with confidence. They leap into dark and daunting dangers. They slip the bonds of gravity and soar. They claim the sky itself!

In a world that could use a few heroes now more than ever, you can join their ranks. Claim the Sky takes the Cypher System into the realm of superheroes, with a hefty book chock full of rules, character options, genre advice, and a complete, ready-to-use setting that makes the most of the superhero genre.

Whether creating your own heroes or playing your favorites from comics or movies, Claim the Sky makes you the hero.

  • Got customers looking for a new RPG? The Cypher System is a well-supported line that’s easy to learn and play (and sell!).
  • For lovers of comics and the movies—a broad and deep dive into superheroes of all flavors.
  • Loads of options and advice for building any superhero you can imagine—your own ideas, or your favorites from popular comics and movies.
  • Three complete adventures. Plus scores of villains and heroes fully statted for creating your own adventures.
  • Includes a complete campaign setting, but also everything you need to build your own settings and campaigns.
  • If you can imagine it, the Cypher System delivers!
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