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Monsters & Magic of Lankhmar for Fifth Edition

Monsters & Magic of Lankhmar for Fifth Edition

Fifth Edition Adventures D&D

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From the fog-shrouded streets of Lankhmar to your gaming table! Monsters and Magic of Lankhmar is filled with terrible beasts and new magic, each presented in a ready-to-use fifth edition format. Get ready to venture to the land of Lankhmar and see what adventure awaits you and your players.  Monsters and Magic of Lankhmar is a softcover sourcebook containing more than 20 new monsters and over 15 new spells and magical items, inspired from the fantastic stories of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, as written by world-renowned fantasy author, Fritz Leiber. Produced in cooperation with the Fritz Leiber Estate, Monsters and Magic of Lankhmar is the perfect way to introduce a dash of Lankhmar into your fifth edition campaign.  Written by Michael Curtis with cover artwork by David Griffith

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