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DC Comics - Joker Premium Format Statue

DC Comics - Joker Premium Format Statue

Sideshow Collectibles

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DC Comics - Joker Premium Format Statue

ETA: 30 September 2023

Note: This product is expected to ship: Jun 2023 - Sep 2023 "Oh, I'm so happy! And when I'm happy - I kill people." Sideshow presents The Joker Premium Format Figure, a dastardly DC Comics collectible that'll make you laugh'til you cry! The Joker Premium Format Figure measures 23.5" tall as the villain reaches out to make your acquaintance with a lethal joy buzzer. But the joke's on anyone who takes the bait - he has an ace up his sleeve (literally!) with a crowbar hidden behind his back. The iconic Batman rogue stands on top of a clown-themed funhouse base, with broken wooden boards creating a crooked smile. Batarangs litter the scene, and a vat of noxious green acid lurks beneath his spats, ready to corrupt Gotham City as a part of his latest schemes. An original take on the character inspired by his appearances in DC Comics, the Joker Premium Format Figure is fully sculpted to capture his clownish costuming and physique. Mistah J wears a purple suit jacket and pants, an orange vest, a purple dress shirt, and a green bowtie, all detailed with realistic textures and spattered with grime. His body language is twisted like his grin, and short strands of green hair give his portrait a chaotic, tousled look. Red accents on his bloodied gloves and signature painted face make this mirthful murderer no laughing matter. The first rule of comedy? Always leave them in stitches! Bring The Joker Premium Format Figure by Sideshow home to your DC Comics collection today.

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