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Deadzone Plague Outbreak Booster

Deadzone Plague Outbreak Booster


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Deadzone Plague Outbreak Booster

A Plague infection can rapidly spread throughout a population centre, converting or killing without any apparent prejudice or preference. Some victims will become Stage 3 forms, retaining a modicum of intelligence alongside the savage destructiveness the Plague imparts. Most, however, appear to lose even that last piece of their humanity and devolve into shambling wretches, a kind of cannibalistic 'herd', seemingly incapable of anything but the most basic motor functions - move, kill, and consume. Contains: 10x Plastic Plague Zombies Sprue 10x 25mm Round Bases 2x Resin Plague Swarm 2x MDF 40mm Round Bases Please Note: Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.

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