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Devil Bunny Versus the Entire Galaxy

Devil Bunny Versus the Entire Galaxy

Ozzie Collectables


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You are intrepid actuaries collecting butterflies of a specific color at a circus. Devil Bunny loves butterflies, and whenever he sees a big enough stack of them, he jumps on that stack, scattering them everywhere. Who will be the first to save enough butterflies, before Devil Bunny destroys the Galaxy?

Each player chooses a color of butterflies to catch. Now you roll the dice. 1-5 and you’re in the clear. You can add more butterflies to the map, or guide the ones already there back to your circus tent. The color of the top token of each stack determines who guides the rest on the path back, and you can only move as far as there are tokens in the stack. But be careful! Roll a 6 and Devil Bunny hops on your stack and scatters your butterflies to the winds! First to collect three wins!

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