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Dogs Bond

Dogs Bond

Alex Lu


Barcode: 787790087960

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Dogs Bond is an engaging board game that also brings "pawsitive" change to conversations about rescue and adoption. Dogs Bond infuses the rescue journey with play, whimsy, joy and hope.
As rescue dogs, players collect the sets of attributes they need to find their way to one of six available forever homes. This 2-6 player game asks players to make their best choices based on the "paw" they are dealt, offering a wide variety of choices and combinations that change every game to provide gameplay based on both strategy and luck!
Each turn consists of drawing an event card, then drawing and playing appropriate attribute cards to build out your dog's attributes (Grooming, Obedience, Temperament, and Health) to meet requirements set by each adopter. You can play for one adopter or many, and they all have different ideas about what makes the perfect dog!
Game Contents:

  • 8 Playable Dog Character Cards
  • 54 Playable Dog Character tokens
  • 8 Human Adopter Boards
  • 6 House Cards
  • 60 Event Cards
  • 100 Attribute Cards
  • 1 Tail Wag / Rescue Story Card
  • 1 Wooden “Rope Toy” Token
  • 1 16mm six sided die
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