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Doom Eternal - Crucible Hilt Replica

Doom Eternal - Crucible Hilt Replica

Development Plus


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Doom Eternal - Crucible Hilt Replica

Wielded by the Doom Slayer during his service as one of the Night Sentinels, this ancient and powerful weapon discharges raw energy in the shape of a rune-inscribed great sword. Inscribed with the Slayer’s mark on the hilt, this blade has cut down demonic titans to pave the Doom Slayer’s bloody path as he rips and tears through hellish legions! Recreated by Development Plus, the Crucible Hilt Replica showcases the furious and bloodthirsty nature of this demon-cleaving weapon! Depicted in its inert state, no detail has been spared in capturing the runic, sigil-like designs and unique textures of this battle-tested weapon. Measuring at a total of 12-inches in length, the Crucible Hilt Replica comes with a base that resembles the forge used by the Doom Slayer to create the blade in Doom: Eternal for an easy method of display! Coming with a certificate of authenticity, this high-quality polyresin replica is a must-have for fans of this legendary FPS. Add it to your collection today!

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