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Dos - Second Edition

Dos - Second Edition



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DOS Second Edition is the true sequel to the classic game of UNO. As that game's spiritual successor, DOS Second Edition plays a lot like UNO but with a few twists.

Like UNO, the object of DOS Second Edition is to be the first player to get rid of all your cards, but now there are two discard piles and players are allowed to add two cards together to help empty their hand faster.

On your turn you can play cards from your hand onto one or both discard piles by matching color, number, or symbol. You can also add two cards together to make a number match, but both cards must be the same color (for example, if the top card of a discard pile is a red 7, you can add together a yellow 3 and a yellow 4 and play them together as a 7 on that pile).

Watch out for classic UNO action cards like Skip, Reverse, and Draw 2 as well as the all-new Wild Play 2 card, which forces the next player to play 2 cards on their turn or lose their turn and draw 2 cards as a penalty.

Note: DOS Second Edition is has completely different gameplay than the earlier DOS card game (2018).

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