Dragon Ball Super Card Game Expansion Set #10 Namekian Surge DISPLAY

by Ozzie Collectables

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13 Exclusive New Cards and 3x Series 8 Boosters in both versions! • Power up Series 8 Decks with new competitive cards • 6 new card types for a total of 13 new cards in each version Leader Cards: a series first! • Prepare for Series 9 with the first Multicolor Leader cards ever Sealed Deck Tournament using these Expansion Sets! • Players buy two Expansion Sets and compete using only those cards • Tournament Prize Packs contain 2x Promotional Cards (10 types total) (*Bandai Organized Play Stores only) SET CONTENTS: • 49 CARDS TOTAL (INCL. 13 NEW CARDS) • Series 8 Booster Pack x3 (12 cards per pack) • New Multicolor Namekian Leader Card x1 • New Promotional Cards x10 (5 types x2) • Random New Special Texture Silver Foil x2 (from above new cards) Expansion Set 09/10 Sealed Tournament Tournament period: 01/17/2020 - 0206/2020 Application Deadline: 08/18/2019 This event is only for Pre registered stores. Pre-registered stores can host 8 times during the period above.

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