Dumbo Medium Figurine

by Britto

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Dumbo Medium Figurine


A new introduction to the Medium figurines collection for 2016, Dumbo is cheeky as ever with his lovable big floppy ears and vibrant facial expression! This Disney By Britto range features all your favourite characters in a slightly smaller size and lower price but with even bigger smiles and personality than ever before. Collect them all!

Disney by Britto captures the fun and whimsy of Disney in the iconic, bold and colourful designs of Romero Britto, creating a new array of dynamic and trend forward contemporary product for Disney and Britto enthusiasts alike. Romero Britto is one of the premier artists of our times, a modern day pop culture phenomenon. Britto has created contemporary masterpieces with his vibrant colours, bold patterns and a continuous message of hope.

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