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Dune RPG Atreides Collectors Edition Core Rulebook

Dune RPG Atreides Collectors Edition Core Rulebook

Modiphius Entertainment

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Dune RPG Atreides Collectors Edition Core Rulebook

Originally, a Modiphius Entertainment direct exclusive! To swear an oath to the Atreides banner and fight for the most noble of Houses is a great honour in the Imperium. Show your colours and join House Atreides with this Collector’s Edition.

The Dune: Adventures in the Imperium roleplaying game takes you into a far future beyond anything you have imagined, where fear is the mind killer so be sure to keep your wits about you.

The Imperium is a place of deadly duels, feudal politics, and mysterious abilities, noble Houses politic constantly for power, influence, and vengeance in a universe where a blade can change the fortunes of millions.

Build your House, carve your place in the universe or rebuild an ancient lineage and fight for the Imperial throne.  Take your characters on a journey through the storied worlds of Frank Herbert's sci-fi masterpiece, inhabit elite agents working for noble Houses where Mentats, Swordmasters, Spies, Bene Gesserit Sisters, Devious Advisors, or even desert Fremen join together to follow your banner.

Whoever you choose to be, remember that those that control the spice control the universe.

  • Recommended Ages: 14 years and up
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