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Dune RPG - Power And Pawns: The Emperors Court

Dune RPG - Power And Pawns: The Emperors Court

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  • An in-depth look at the Emperor’s Court and the Imperial homeworld of Kaitain, life at court and the entertainments and distractions available on the most beautiful planet in the Known Universe.
  • A look at the brutal Sardaukar, the deadliest fighters in the Imperium (a host of new abilities). The secrets of the Tleilaxu laid bare, including the option to use Face Dancers as player characters/new options for Mentats.
  • A host of detail for the gamemaster on running political campaigns & creating complex intrigues. An array of new talents/skills for graduates of the Ginaz sword school & the Suk medical school, including 6 new Drive options.
  • A complete adventure ‘Blood and Riches’ where the player characters must negotiate a tense conflict between two great Houses that might plunge the Imperium into war.
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