Dunny - Death of Innocence 8" Dunny by Igor Ventura

by Kidrobot

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Dunny - Death of Innocence 8" Dunny by Igor Ventura

Kidrobot is honored to unveil the The Death of Innocence 8" Rocking Horse Dunny by Igor Ventura in three collectible colors. This 8-inch skeletal rocking horse Dunny takes the Dunny platform to new heights with it's innovative take on what a Dunny could be. Based off Igor's idea that when you grow up, some of the things that you took for certain when you were a child die. You discover the world isn't fair, that your parents aren't always right, that growing up is hard... so a dead rocking horse would represent really well when your innocence dies.

Decorated in a colorful Dia De Los Muertos style this vinyl Dunny is finished with a dry brushing technique applied by hand to add a unique dirty aged bone appearance to each piece to get the dingy antiqued bone effect that Igor intended. Coming on the heels of Igor's designs in The Wild Ones Blind Box Dunny Mini Series, this piece welcomes Igor Ventura back into the Kidrobot fold and is sure to add a grown up touch to any collection! The Dia De Los Muertos version is a limited edition of 800 pieces worldwide.

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