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Fallout Wasteland Warfare - Terrain Exp. Crashed Vertibird

Fallout Wasteland Warfare - Terrain Exp. Crashed Vertibird

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“The XVB02 ‘Vertibird’ is a VTOL ("Vertical Take Off and Landing") craft with an extremely durable armoured fuselage and can be armed with a variety of offensive weapons and defensive countermeasures. This is the most advanced aircraft of its kind ever developed, and the military hopes to press them into service by 2085.” - Museum of Technology Washington.

The Brotherhood of Steel make good use of the Vertibird, using it to fly in troops and supplies to advanced positions and to reinforce flashpoints mid battle. Unfortunately, the advanced firepower of the factions that fight to control the wasteland sometimes find a weakness in these aircraft, leading a to a number of scattered wrecks dotting the landscape.

Scavengers might find ammo and weapons in the burning wreckage, or even a suit of Power Armour, just make sure its previous owner isn’t still in it before attempting salvage.

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