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FIEF France

FIEF France

Ares Games

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FIEF France is a game of dynastic ambition in which players assume the roles of French
nobles during the Middle Ages and they strive to become a ruling force in the kingdom. In
turn, they acquire Royal and Ecclesiastical titles which give their families influence to elect
the next Pope and King. strengthening their positions by negotiating marriage alliances!
In FIEF France, a player may attempt to gain control of all the villages in a Fief to gain the
Royal Title of Baron, Earl, or Duke, and he may take part in the election for the next King,
possibly becoming King himself, thus bringing more power to the family!
To win the game, a player may need to form alliances with other players through diplomacy
and marriage to obtain his goal. But when there’s a marriage, the two families become allied
and they now win the game together and cannot win alone, unless the marriage is annulled
by the Pope or the spouse dies ”mysteriously.”
Things can suddenly change as event cards can introduce good harvests, plagues, or
famine. Players will also need to protect their land and castles by hiring men at arms and
knights. These are then used in
defense or to invade other territories,
fighting fierce battles!
This revised edition of FIEF France
includes a new and larger game
board, and the rulebook has been
revised and updated.

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