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Five Star Review Game

Five Star Review Game

University Games

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Everyone on the internet has an opinion. Some more outlandish than others. In this family friendly trivia game there are 5 categories related to reviews left by people on the internet:

One Star Wonders - There are always winners and losers - these are the losers.

Mystery Basket - What's being described here?

Facts & Stats - Sort out the truth from the fake news.

Historical Howlers - Wild reviews from the days before the internet.

Fill in the Blanks - Identify the missing words to complete these reviews.

A sixth category "?" provides a little chaos and randomness with unique challenges provided on each card.

Players move around the board to each of the different category zones trying to collect a star card from each one by correctly answering a question.

First one to collect a star card from each category and make it back to the center of the board wins.

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